DungeonMorphs are connectable dungeon, cavern, city, & village maps on 1" dice, 2.5" cards, 6" or 10" tiles, fonts, and a book of encounter ideas (like a book of one-page dungeon ideas). Each design has two corridors or roads that can line up to any adjacent map in the series.

  • The original dice sets are the Adventurer, Explorer, & Spellunker dungeon and cavern sets. These are also combined into one deck of 90 2.5" square cards.
  • Then came our Cities, Ruined Cities, and Villages dice sets. These are also combined into a deck of 90 2.5" square cards and a deck of 45 6" square cards.
  • And we have our newest dungeon and cavern sets: Delver, Voyager, & Trailblazer. These were combined into 102 2.5" square cards, as well as 51 10" square battlemat tiles, and a book with multiple possible encounter ideas for each design.

You don't need the dice, cards, book, tiles, & font... use whichever you think are most fun or best work with the way you game! Get more general info, or click the products below for more about each item.