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DungeonMorph Crypts, Lairs, & Sewers 2.5" Cards

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🌟 Dive into the Depths with DungeonMorph Crypts, Lairs, and Sewers Cards! 🌟

Unlock a world of dark and treacherous environments with DungeonMorph Crypts, Lairs, and Sewers Cards! Delve into haunting crypts, confront monstrous lairs, and navigate the murky depths of sewer systems as you embark on thrilling adventures in the shadowy underbelly of your gaming world.

⚔️ Forge Your Path: Each card represents a different section of the crypts, lairs, or sewers, offering countless possibilities for exploration and discovery. Shape your own narrative as you navigate winding corridors, encounter hidden chambers, and unravel the mysteries that lie within. DungeonMorph Crypts, Lairs, and Sewers Cards put the power of creation in your hands.

This set of 72 2.5"x2.5" cards contains all the designs in our Crypts, Lairs, & Sewers dice sets. They do match up with 1/4 inch graph paper. Align the cards together to make a dungeon as large as you want!

  • Each card's back is a different design.
  • Available as "Old School Blue" or cross-hashed by Dyson Logos!
  • Dry Erasable.
  • Each card has a prominent number and a smaller letter which allow you to match it up to our dice sets.

Note: PDF download includes a zip of two files: One with each side of a card as its own 2.75"x2.75" page and another where the first four cards are on one 8.5"x11" page and the second is the backs of those cards (laid out so they can be printed front/back.) In either case, trim each card down to the standard 2.5"x2.5" card size--the extra is to allow for a "bleed". (Some extra artwork so if the front and back don't line up perfectly, the trimming still looks OK.)

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