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DungeonMorph Dice Sewers Set (8 Dice)

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🌟 Unleash your city's underworld with DungeonMorphs Sewer Map Dice! 🌟

Dare to descend into your city's underbelly of adventure with our incredible DungeonMorphs Sewer Map Dice! Discover a labyrinthine realm of a city's darker factions that will put your skills to the ultimate test.

This eight 1" (25mm) dice set offers a seamless way to generate intricate sewer-themed dungeon maps with a simple roll. Each side of each die is a connectable mini-map.  Exclusively for our sewer set in addition to having two corridors to connect to any other mini-map, this set has a sewer line in the center of one, two, three, or all four sides of each design.

🗺️ Explore Beneath the City: Ever have you players want to find a secret way into a building? Let them try to get in from below! With every twist and turn, every dank alcove and sludgy canal, is revealed before your eyes, guaranteeing endless surprises.

⚔️ Adventure Awaits: Whether you're a seasoned dungeon crawler or a novice explorer, DungeonMorphs Sewer Map Dice will transport you to a world where scum and villainy go hand in hand. Don't miss out on this opportunity to add a new level of excitement to your gaming sessions. Order your DungeonMorphs Sewer Map Dice now and unlock the secrets of the underground!

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