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DungeonMorph Crypts, Lairs, & Sewers 10" Battlemat Tiles

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🎴 Endless Combinations: The versatility of DungeonMorph Crypts, Lairs, and Sewers Cards ensures that no two adventures are alike. Mix and match the cards to create unique and dynamic environments, allowing you to craft immersive settings that will captivate your players and keep them on the edge of their seats.

🔮 Ignite Your Imagination: Let the stunning artwork and intricate details on each card inspire your storytelling and ignite your imagination. From ancient crypts steeped in history to monstrous lairs pulsating with energy to slimy sewers festering with oozes and vermin, DungeonMorph Crypts, Lairs, and Sewers Cards will transport you and your players to a world of dark adventure.

This gorgeous set of 72 10"x10" cards (plus a cover & map key card) contains all the designs in our Crypts, Lairs, & Sewers dice sets but in a full color realistic battlemat style. They have a 1" grid for use as battlemats. Align the cards together to make a dungeon or cavern as large as you want! Each card has a prominent number and a smaller letter which allow you to match it up to our dice sets.

    Note: The digital version is a zip of PNG images.