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DungeonMorph Delves and Descriptions: Crypts, Lairs, & Sewers Edition

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This book contains every DungeonMorph Map from our Crypts, Lairs, & Sewers sets and can be used on its own. It also works seamlessly with our DungeonMorph Tiles, Cards, and Dice (Crypts, Lairs, & Sewers sets).
In the book, each DungeonMorph map has a full page of ideas! Each design is broken down into a couple of encounter areas, and each area has six ideas of how to use it.  The first three ideas follow a theme. For example, idea #1 of each crypt area is about a dynastic necropolis while idea #2 of each crypt area is an oubliette of torture and idea #3 revolves around a necromancer's fortress.  The other three ideas of each area are not connected--usable with any theme with some customization. 
In all, that means the book has:
  • Thousands of area descriptions.
  • Nine themes across three sets (Crypts, Lairs, Sewers--Three themes each)
  • Enough maps and ideas for 18 mega dungeons
  • Endless combinations for smaller adventure settings like hillside lairs, sewer fortifications, and lost shrines
  • Appendix tables for custom magic items, artwork, traps, prisoners, supply stashes, and more
Also included: a Delving procedure with pre-built frameworks and a template to make your own, so you can play any fantasy tabletop RPG solo or co-op without a dedicated Game Master. Use DungeonMorphs for your maps, and use the Delving framework to determine your quest goal, room features, complications, traps, foes—and treasure!

Light your torches, hire your henchmen, and explore the


The PDF is included.

217 8.5"x11" b&w pages.

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