DungeonMorph Delver, Trailblazer, & Voyager 10" Battlemats

  • $9.99

This set of 51 10"x10" cards contains all the designs in our Delver (cavern), Trailblazer (dungeons), and Voyager (more dungeons) dice sets. They have a 1" grid for use as battlemats. Align the cards together to make a dungeon or cavern as large as you want! Each card has a prominent number and a smaller letter which allow you to match it up to our dice sets.

    Note: The PDF download includes a zip of two files: One with each side of a card as its own 10"x10" image in case you can print to paper larger than that. The second where the right 1/4 is cut off so each can print on an letter size page, and every three pages those 1/4 sections are placed on the 4th page.  You can tape them back together once printed.

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