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DungeonMorph Dice Trailblazer Set (6 Dice)

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💎 Discover Ancient Treasures: Venture into the depths and unearth long-forgotten relics and precious gems that have lain undisturbed for centuries. These dungeons hold secrets and hidden riches beyond your wildest imagination. DungeonMorphs Trailblazer Dice will guide you to untold wealth and fame.

The Trailblazer set of DungeonMorph Dice consists of 6 dice with six different designs per die. This set has an entrances die (with one or more edges that don't have two corridors leading off that side) and five other dice that do follow the format. Each die has a theme with a small letter code adjacent to the side's number:

  • e - Entrances
  • i - Incantation/Magic Areas
  • j - Jails/Cells
  • o - Oddball/Unusual Designs
  • r - General Rooms
  • s - Sepulchers/Tombs

The designs are engraved into these nearly 1" cubes. Grab some dice to roll a dungeon-on-the-fly. Or use them as inspiration when designing a dungeon.