5e Creature Decks & Magic Items

 Cards for the 5th edition of the world’s most famous fantasy RPG. 

The following 5e Creature Decks have most creatures in the main monster book that third parties can legally re-publish: Aberrations, Fiends, & More; Beasts, Oozes, & Plants (with art--the official decks don't have art for most beasts!); Constructs, Humanoids, & Undead; Dragons & Monstrosities; Non-Player Characters (half are from the main monster book, half are NPCs we created).

These 5e Creature Decks have creatures we updated from prior editions or created from scratch: More Aberrations; More Constructs; More Dragons & Monstrosities; Prehistoric Creatures.  Some of these creatures may have gotten official stats since we published ours.

All monster decks with "Deck of Beasts" titles are from Kobold Press's Tome of Beasts and those with "Creature Card Codex" titles are from their Creature Codex book.  These are broken down in to decks of about 90 cards each by challenge rating.  Low is CR 0-2, Intermediate/Mid is CR 3-5, Challenging is CR 6-9, and High is CR 10-14.  These are loose categories--sometimes groups of related creatures (demons, angels, kobolds, etc.) are kept together.  More decks are coming in April 2020.

Magic Item card decks are broken down by item type.  All decks contain all items from the system reference document (those legally re-publishable by third parties)  except "Panderlyn's Curiosities" which is entirely new items, and has all item types.