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Deck of Beasts 3

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The Deck of Beasts 3 includes all the creature from the Tome of Beasts 3--from Abaasy to the Voidclaw Zombie plus the NPCs--in a portable format that is easy to clip to a DM Screen or tuck into your module notes! 432 cards contain all 400+ monsters. (A few complex creatures span two cards.)

Card Deck Advantages:

  • Sort out just the monsters you need for a session so you don't need to bring the books, and don't need to flip from page to page.
  • Clip them to the top of your GM screen. Your players see the art, you have the stats handy.
  • Track initiative: sort them in order (either in a stack or clipped to your GM screen). Add cards/post-its to add the PCs in order as well
  • Card-stock paper & glossy finish make the beautiful monster art pop!
  • A handful of creatures in the book don't have art.  We added art for each.
  • Color codes & icons on the bottom (near the card number) indicate the terrain where the creature is typically found. Similarly, the CR background color is darker if the challenge is higher.

Each creature's statistics are written for the 5th edition of the world's best known role-playing game.

Artwork is officially licensed from Kobold Press.

For the PDF, two files are included: One where each page is one side of a poker card with a 1/8" bleed, and a second with 4 cards per page, laid out so page two is designed to be printed on the back of page one and so on. This layout is optimized to allow the card backs to match the fronts.  Because the files is over 400 full color cards, the size is significant.