Hexographer/Worldographer Icons Bundle

  • $39.95

Get 4 icon sets for Hexographer/Worldographer. One set features more icons in a classic/flat style, a 2nd set has more of the same style, a 3rd set gives extra isometric style icons, and the 4th gives more options for 1st edition "World" style maps.

Instructions for use with Worldographer.


Art by the amazing artist/cartographer Keith Curtis.

You may publish maps using these icons–see the license below.


  • The licensee may not use the art in another stock art/clip art product.
  • The licensee may modify the images.
  • The art can appear in advertisements for products which use the image.
  • If distributing a product with the art, the artist and product MUST be credited in your product as follows: ‘Some map icons from the “Hexographer/Worldographer Icons Sets” by artist Keith Curtis.’
  • Contact support@inkwellideas.com with questions.