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Hexographer Alternate Classic Overland Icons Set

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These icons are almost a one-for-one replacement of the default Hexographer icons. (A few icons are very simple and therefore didn’t need to be replaced… a few others were added to Hexographer as/after Keith finished these–we may add more and anyone who purchases a set of icons can always get the updated set.) While they are different, we think anyone who loves the style will appreciate these new icons. See the page that describes them in more detail for the full list.

Like the default Hexographer icons, these are 250×250 transparent PNG images. Therefore, they should look nice scaled to print even as 1" hexes at 300dpi.

Also includes a setup file for Worldographer (Hexographer 2) to make them easy to use.  Unzip the file, open Worldographer, and before making a map go to File and "Load Configuration" then pick the altclassic.wxx file from the zipped folder.