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Inkwell Ideas

Sidequest Decks: Modern Crime, Spies, & Supers

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Looking for adventure ideas for a super-hero, spy, or organized crime roleplaying setting? These cards give you the perfect hooks for running your own mini-adventures in these genres! One side of each card has an adventure outline with a backstory, PC hooks, encounter possibilities, and follow-up ideas. The other side of the card is the main map for that adventure.

Although each adventure is written for either a crime, spy, or super-hero setting, each can be easily revised for any of the other settings. Replace the powers in a super-hero adventure with high-tech gadgets for a spy story. Add powers to the villains of a crime adventure to fit a super-hero setting or replace the powers of a super-hero story with crime tropes to fit an organized crime setting.

The deck has 54 cards, with one adventure outline and map per card.

Use these cards to set up a hex crawl, develop a side trek on the fly, or chain some together for an entire campaign. Every card is a session's worth of excitement!

Note: The PDF is set up to be printed duplex (two-sided), 4 cards per page.  So the upper right card on the front side of each page matches up to the upper left card on the back side. There are also white marks near the corners of each card which are guides to use when cutting the cards.  This extra area (1/8") on the edge of each card is called a "bleed" which is intended to be cut away. It allows a card to still look good even if the cut isn't perfect or if the front and back prints aren't perfectly aligned.