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Sidequest Decks: Frontier Town Quests

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These mini-adventures are designed for a fantasy frontier in a mountainous arctic area. Use them to populate a hex crawl, fill out a campaign, or inspire one-shot games. When players steer away from your prepared encounters, use sidequests to offer alternatives!

The adventures can use your original NPCs and settings or you can get more ideas and support by combining them with our NPC Portraits Deck: Frontier Town describing Icebreath Ridge.

51 sidequests were inspired by a matching card in the NPC deck, so you can expand on the secrets and needs of those NPCs. You can use sidequests to introduce them, or to grow their roles once characters choose them as friends—or enemies.

Two Events!

In addition, there are 18 sidequests based around a big event that affects the whole area! One card explains the situation, and nine adventures provide threats and opportunities. Offer them to players in any order, and let them be part of the changes in your dynamic setting.

  • A vast sinkhole yawns open near the town overnight! What lies below?
  • Spring does not come. Ice and hunger cover the land. Can the town survive?

Note: The PDF is set up to be printed duplex (two-sided), 4 cards per page.  So the upper right card on the front side of each page matches up to the upper left card on the back side. There are also white marks near the corners of each card which are guides to use when cutting the cards.  This extra area (1/8") on the edge of each card is called a "bleed" which is intended to be cut away. It allows a card to still look good even if the cut isn't perfect or if the front and back prints aren't perfectly aligned.  A PDF is also included with each side of each card as a 3.75"x2.75" page (3.5"x2.5" plus a 1/8" bleed) so you can lay it out as you wish.