Monster Stand-Ins Cardstock Minis

  • $9.95

Get the PDF to print as many as you need, or get the physical deck & PDF!

The physical minis are a set of 600 creatures (300+ different images) printed on 100 4″x3″ material similar to playing cards. Some creatures are an entire 4″x3″ card, others are 2, 4, 8, or 9 on a card. For example, eight 1.5″x1″ medium creatures fit on one card. The back of each creature is a silhouette of the front.  The PDF has all of those creatures (but fewer of each because you can simply print extras of any page) plus a slew (100+) more creatures (such as a banshee, dark creeper, dark stalker, genies, golems, naga and many more) that were added to the collection later.