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Hexographer/Worldographer Alternate Classic Expanded Icons Set

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These icons expand the Alternate Classic Icon Set with 200+ more images for some more recently added terrain types, city/building icons in the styles of different cultures (Dwarves, Elves, East Asian, Roman, etc), tokens for military units/creatures and resource indicators.

Like the default Hexographer icons, these are 250×250 transparent PNG images. Therefore, they should look nice scaled to print even as 1" hexes at 300dpi.

If you buy this and already own the existing previous Alternate Classic Icons Set, email for a bonus file that makes using the with Worldographer easy.

Instructions for use with Worldographer..


Art by the amazing artist/cartographer Keith Curtis.

You may publish maps using these icons–see the license below.


  • The licensee may not use the art in another stock art/clip art product.
  • The licensee may modify the images.
  • The art can appear in advertisements for products which use the image.
  • If distributing a product with the art, the artist and product MUST be credited in your product as follows: ‘Some map icons from “Hexographer/Worldographer Alternate Classic Expanded Icons Set” by artist Keith Curtis.’
  • Contact with questions.