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Worldographer (aka Hexographer 2) & Hexographer Pro License

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Get a Worldographer Pro World/Kingdom license and get a license to the previous version of Hexographer as a bonus.

The pro version of Worldographer allows you to customize icons, create multi-level maps (world view, continent view, and kingdom view levels) add notes to the map, expand an existing map with new rows or columns of hexes, among other bonus features.  It is widely recognized as the easiest to use map-making program that allows you to quickly make maps in the classic 0e and 1e fantasy styles.

Worldographer introduces an entirely new map imagery set, true child map functionality, improved user interface, and much more.

Note: Get city/village generation & mapping features and battlemat mapping features for dungeons, building interiors, & tactical outdoor areas with our Worldographer world/kingdom, city/town/village, and dungeon/battlemat mapping software bundle.

[If you already own a Hexographer pro license, email support at inkwellideas dot com for a discount code.]