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Inkwell Ideas

Encounter Builder: Dungeon Scenes

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Ever have your PCs wandering about a dungeon, roll a random encounter and not have an idea ready? Or maybe you'd like some ideas for planning out dungeon encounters to use as the PCs explorer the dungeon. This deck would also be great for open-ended solo RPG games where you're looking to craft a random encounter based on a source of inspiration.

With this deck, just shuffle and lay out a handful of cards and see what ideas come to mind. The 50 card deck has a full color image on each side of each card for 100 sources of ideas.  The images are broken down into features, events, locations, and adversaries. So a card of some gnolls ready in ambush and a summoned entity and a bridge might tell you that the beyond the bridge an entity is speaking to his followers, but gnolls are on guard and ready to ambush any interlopers!

With 100 images the possibilities are already nearly endless.  But because all the inspiration comes from art cards, every time you look at the images you might key in on a different aspect of the image.

Note: The PDF is set up to be printed duplex (two-sided), 4 cards per page.  So the upper right card on the front side of each page matches up to the upper left card on the back side. There are also white marks near the corners of each card which are guides to use when cutting the cards.  This extra area (1/8") on the edge of each card is called a "bleed" which is intended to be cut away. It allows a card to still look good even if the cut isn't perfect or if the front and back prints aren't perfectly aligned.  A PDF is also included with each side of each card as a 3.75"x2.75" page (3.5"x2.5" plus a 1/8" bleed) so you can lay it out as you wish.