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Deck of Beasts: High-Level Creatures

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The Deck of Beasts: High-Level Creatures includes over 80 creatures from the innovative Tome of Beasts in a portable format that is easy to clip to a DM Screen or tuck into your module notes! Featuring most creatures with challenge ratings from 10 to 14, the deck includes many demons & devils, most adult and younger dragons (the ancients are in the Elite deck), the Grim Jester, Zmey, and more! See all our 5e Creature Decks for the other Decks of Beasts.

Each creature's statistics are written for the 5th edition of the world's best known role-playing game.

Artwork is officially licensed from Kobold Press.

The PDF version of this product has 4 cards per page, laid out so page two is designed to be printed on the back of page one and so on. This layout is optimized to allow the card backs to match the fronts.  A PDF of each side of each card as its own card-sized page is also included.  Or order the printed cards and get the PDF at no extra cost!

Complete Card List

01-02. Aboleth, Nihilith
03. Abominatble Beauty
04. Algorith
05. Bone Swarm
06. Buraq
07. Cambium
08. Corpse Mound
09. Demon, Apau Perape
10. Demon, Berstuc
11. Demon, Kishi
12. Demon, Malakbel
13. Demon, Psoglav
14. Demon, Rubezahl
15. Devil, Automata
16. Devil, Chort
17. Devil, Crystalline
18-19. Devil, Gilded
20. Devil, Ink
21. Devil, Koralk
22. Devil, Lunar
23. Devil, Orobas
24. Devil, Salt
25. Dino., Spinosaurus
26. Dino., Spino., Yng
27. Dragon Eel
28-29. Dragon, Cave, Adult
30. Dragon, Cave, Young
31. Dragon, Cave, Wyrmling
32. Dragon, Flame, Adult
33. Dragon, Flame, Young & Wyrmling
34. Dragon, Mithral, Adult
35. Dragon, Mithral, Yng
36. Dragon, Sea, Adult
37. Dragon, Sea, Young & Wyrmling
38-39. Dragon, Void, Adult
40. Dragon, Void, Young
41. Dragon, Void, Wyrmling
42. Dragon, Wind, Adult
43. Dragon, Wind, Young
44. Dragon, Wind, Wyrmling
45. Drake, Elder Shadow
46. Drake, Star
47. Dullahan
48. Elemental Locus
49. Fear Smith
50. Flutterflesh
51. Ghoul, Bonepowder
52. Golem, Eye
53. Golem, Hoard
54. Golem, Salt
55. Golem, Smaragdine
56. Golem, Steam
57. Grim Jester
58. Gug
59-60. Hag, Blood
61. Haugbui
62. Herald of Blood
63. Hundun
64. Isonade
65. Mask Wight
66. Mavka
67. Mordant Snare
68. Naina
69. Nihilethic Zombie
70. Sathaq Worm
71. Shoggoth
72-73. Skein Witch
74. Slow Storm
75-76. Son of Fenris
77. Sphinx, Gyno.
78. Star Spawn of Cthulhu
79. Stuhac
80. Thuellai
81. Titanoboa
82. Urochar (Strangling Watcher)
83. Valkyrie
84. Vesiculosa
85. Voidling
86. Ychen Bannog
87. Zmey
88. Zmey Headling