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Deck of Beasts/Creature Card Codex: NPCs & Villains

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The Deck of Beasts/Creature Card Codex: NPCs & Villains has 29 characters from the innovative Tome of Beasts & Creature Codex in a portable format that is easy to clip to a DM Screen or tuck into your module notes!  See all our 5e Creature Decks for the other Decks of Beasts.

Each creature's statistics are written for the 5th edition of the world's best known role-playing game.

Artwork is officially licensed from Kobold Press.

The PDF version of this product has 4 cards per page, laid out so page two is designed to be printed on the back of page one and so on. This layout is optimized to allow the card backs to match the fronts.  A PDF of each side of each card as its own card-sized page is also included.  Or order the printed cards and get the PDF at no extra cost!

Complete Card List

01. Bandit Lord
02. Battle Mage
03. Black Knight Commander
04-05. Blood Mage
06. City Watch Captain
07. Devilbound Gnomish Prince
08. Doomspeaker
09. Dwarf, Cleric of the Brew
10. Dwarf, Graveslayer
11. Dwarven Ringmage
12. Elvish Veteran Archer
13. Emerald Order Cult Leader
14. Gear Mage
15. Ghost Knight
16. Gnomish Knife Cultist
17. Human, Elfmarked
18. Metee-Kolen-Ol
19. Necromancer
20. Ogre Chief, Corrupted
21. Scorpion Assassin
22. Scorpion Cultist
23. Thief Lord
24-25. Vampire Warlock
26. Void Cultist
27. Void Speaker
28. Voidwracked Mage
29. War Chaplain
30. War Priest
31. Wolf Reaver Dwarf