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Deck of Beasts/Creature Card Codex: Elite-Level Creatures

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The Deck of Beasts/Creature Card Codex: Elite Creatures includes over 60 creatures from the innovative Tome of Beasts & Creature Codex in a portable format that is easy to clip to a DM Screen or tuck into your module notes! Featuring most creatures with challenge ratings of 15+ the deck includes all the animal lords, demon lords, arch-devils, fey lords & ladies, and more! The deck has some lower CR creatures to keep groups together--for example, not all the demon lords are CR 15+, but they are kept together in this deck. See all our 5e Creature Decks for the other Decks of Beasts.

Each creature's statistics are written for the 5th edition of the world's best known role-playing game.

Artwork is officially licensed from Kobold Press.

The PDF version of this product has 4 cards per page, laid out so page two is designed to be printed on the back of page one and so on. This layout is optimized to allow the card backs to match the fronts.  A PDF of each side of each card as its own card-sized page is also included.  Or order the printed cards and get the PDF at no extra cost!

Complete Card List

01. Andrenjinyi
02-03. Animal Lord, Bat King
04-05. Animal Lord, Borther Ox
06-07. Animal Lord, Mouse King
08-09. Animal Lord, of Vultures
10-11. Animal Lord, Qu. of Birds
12-13. Animal Lord, Qu. of Cats
14-15. Animal Lord, Qu. ofSerpents
16-17. Ankou Soul Herald
18-19. Baba Yaga
20. Baba Yaga's Iron Teeth
21-22. Baba Yaga's Horsemen
23-24. Boreas, Avatar
25. Demon Lord: Akyishigal
26. Demon Lord: Alquam
27-28. Demon Lord: Camazotz
29. Demon Lord: Chemosh
30. Demon Lord: Chittr'k'k
31-32. Demon Lord: Mechuiti
33-34. Demon Lord: Qorgeth
35. Demon Lord: Rangda
36. Demon Lord: Typhon
37. Demon, Spawn of Akyishigal
38. Demon, Spawn Skin Bat
39-40. Devil, Arch, Arbeyach
41-42. Devil, Arch, Belphegor
43-44. Devil, Arch, Ia'Affrat
45. Devil, Arch, Mammon
46-47. Devil, Arch, Parzelon
48-49. Devil, Arch, Totivillus
50. Devil, Spawn of Arbeyach
51. Devil, Spawn of Parzelon
52. Dragon Eel
53. Dragon, Flame, Ancient
54. Dragon, Light, Adult
55. Dragon, Light, Ancient
56-57. Dragon, Mithral, Ancient
58. Dragon, Sea, Ancient
59-60. Dragon, Void, Ancient
61. Dragon, Wasteland, Adult
62. Dragon Wasteland, Ancient
63-64. Dragon, Wind, Ancient
65-66. Fey Lady, Berchta
67-68. Fey Lady, Qu. Night&Magic
69. Fey Lady, Qu. of Witches
70. Fey Lady, Snow Queen
71. Fey Lord, Bear King
72-73. Fey Lord, Moonlit King
74-75. Fey Lord, Lord of the Hunt
76. Fey Lord, Reynard
77-78. Fey Lord, River King
79. Ghoul, Emperor
80-81. Giant, Hraesvelgr
82. Giant, Jotun
83-84. Herald of Fire
85-86. Herald of the Great Wyrm
87. Herald of Undeath
88-89. Lich, Pact
90-91. Master of Demon Mountain
92-93. Shoth, Avatar of Shoth
94. Simian, Monkey King
95. Zaratan