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Bundle: Creature Decks 5 Ecologies/System Neutral Decks

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Get a bundle of 5 of our System Neutral/Ecology Information Creature Decks.  Each deck has 54 creatures on 54 cards! Plus a cover/checklist card and license info cards.  The front of each card has amazing art, while the back has system neutral information about the creature. (Strengths, weaknesses, allies, tactics, etc.)

These cards are perfect for knowledge checks–if the player rolls well, give them the entire card or just read a few facts if they have an average result.  They are also great for GMs as they include information on each creature’s allies and enemies so the GM can better plan an adventure.  The cards also remind a GM of the creature’s battle tactics.

The bundle includes our Aberrations & Magical Beasts Deck; Dragons, Undead & Outsiders Deck; Fey, Constructs & Wildlife Deck; Humanoids & Monstrous Humanoids Deck; and Animals & Vermin Deck. The Animals & Vermin Deck uses black & white art, but the other four decks have full color art.