Magic Item Card Catalog (5e): Weapons of Note

Magic Item Card Catalog (5e): Weapons of Note

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Cards for every specific magic weapon! This is part of a series of magic item cards.  One side of each card has a beautiful, painted style illustration of the item, the other side has the item's game rules for use with the 5th edition of the best-known fantasy RPG.

Hand them out to players as they gain the items for easy reference and/or use them to keep track of which character is holding what. 

The cards are available in several pdf formats: 4 trading cards to a page, as trading cards where each card is its own page (print multiple to a letter/A4 page as desired), as index cards, and form-fillable. See below for details.

This deck's checklist:

01. Arrow of Slaying
02. Berserker Axe
03. Dagger of Venom
04-06. Dancing Sword
07-09. Defender
10-12. Dragon Slayer
13. Dwarven Thrower
14-16. Flame Tongue
17-19. Frost Brand
20-22. Giant Slayer
23. Hammer of Thunderbolts
24-25. Holy Avenger
26. Javelin of Lightning
27-28. Luck Blade
29. Mace of Disruption
30. Mace of Smiting
31. Mace of Terror
32-34. Nine Lives Stealer
35. Oathbow
36. Scimitar of Speed
37. Sun Blade
38-40. Sword of Life Stealing
41-43. Sword of Sharpness
44-46. Sword of Wounding
47. Trident of Fish Command
48-49. Vorpal Sword
50-52. Custom Swords

The product has several PDF files so you can use it the way you want. 

  • There is a PDF (file ends with "-4up") set up with 4 trading card sized cards per page where the second page is the backs of the first page and so on. The cards also have a 1/8" bleed so if your printer isn't perfectly lined up you can still trim them and they will look good.
  • Another PDF has the trading card sized cards (plus the 1/8' bleed) set up where each side of each card is its own page.  You can set these to print out how you want.
  • A third pdf (ending in "-form-opt") is like the previous PDF, but allows you to enter the title, type, and text of a couple cards at the end of the deck.
  • A fourth PDF (file ending with "-index-opt") has all the cards as index-sized card where the left side is the art and the right is the text/game rules. Wiht this format, you don't need to worry about lining up the fronts and backs.  Set your printer to print multiple per page. (Probably 4.)
  • A fifth PDF (file ending in "-index-form-opt") is like the fourth PDF, but allows you to enter data into the last couple of cards.