Bundle: Cityographer and Dungeonographer Pro Versions

  • $44.95

Save when you buy both Cityographer and Dungeonographer!

[As of late 2018 this also includes licenses that will unlock similar (but improved) city/village and battlemat (dungeon/building interiors/battlemat scale wilderness areas) mapping functionality in Worldographer. Buying this gives you four keys:

  • One for the older Cityographer
  • One for the older Dungeonographer
  • One for for the new city/village mapping in Worldographer. (In Worldographer go to the File menu and select "Check/Update City/Village License" to enter that code)
  • One for the new battlemat mapping in Worldographer. (In Worldographer you will be able to go to the File menu and select "Check/Update Battlemat License" to enter that code.) This isn't ready yet, but we expect it by the end of March 2019.