Cityographer Pro Version & Worldographer City/Town License

  • $34.95

[As of late 2018 this also includes a license that unlocks similar (but improved) city/village mapping functionality in Worldographer. Buying this gives you two keys: one for the older Cityographer, and another for the new city/village mapping in Worldographer. (In Worldographer go to the File menu and select "Check/Update City/Village License" to enter that code.) If you own Cityographer already, email support at inkwellideas dot com for a special discount.]

The pro version of this easy to use Cityographer city map-making program.  The pro version allows you to customize icons, add notes to the map, expand an existing map with new rows or columns of hexes, among other bonus features.

But it isn't just about making a map: it also generates data about every building on the map. If it is an house, it will give you some details of each resident; if the building is a store, it will give you prices, inventory, as well as details about the workers and owner; if it is an inn, it does all of that plus gives you details about the patrons.