5e Creature Decks: More Dragons & Monstrosities

  • $2.95

Creature statistic cards for more Dragons, Monstrosities, Beasts, Oozes & Plantlife. Each has stats using the 5th edition of the world's most popular Fantasy RPG. This deck features creatures not in the official monster book, but up-converted from prior editions of the game.

The cards are a deck of 60 creature cards (51 creatures with 5 extra cards for various aged dragons, one cover/checklist card and three license cards). 

The document is a PDF of cards set up to be printed at 2.75"x3.75" and trimmed to 2.5"x3.5". Also included is a second PDF with all the cards on 8.5"x11" pages, 4 cards per page.

The text on the cards is generally a 9pt font, but some cards have 7pt to 8pt font if the text wouldn't otherwise fit on the card even after shortening the text.  (All meaning/game information was preserved.)

01. Achaierai
02. Ant Lion
03. Basidirond
04. Catoblepas
05. Cave Fisher
06. Choker
07. Crab Man
08. Dracolisk
09. Dragon, Imp'l Forest Adult
10. Dragon, Imp'l Forest Anc/Yng/Wmlg
11. Dragon, Imp'l Sea Adult
12. Dragon, Imp'l Sea Anc/Yng/Wmlg
13. Dragon, Imp'l Sky Adult
14. Dragon, Imp'l Sky Anc/Yng/Wmlg
15. Dragon, Imp'l Sovereign Adult
16. Dragon, Imp'l Sovereign Anc/Yng/Wmlg
17. Dragon, Imp'l Underworld Adult
18. Dragon, Imp'l Underworld Anc/Yng/Wmlg
19. Dragonne
20. Drake, Desert
21. Drake, Flame
22. Drake, Frost
23. Drake, Sea
24. Drake, Shadow
25. Dust Digger
26. Flytrap, Giant
27. Frost Worm
28. Girallon
29. Goblin Dog
30. Hippocampus
31. Kamadan
32. Kech
33. Kirin
34. Lamia Matriarch
35. Lammasu
36. Manbat
37. Moonflower
38. Nue
39. Oni, Spirit
40. Ooze, Blood Pudding
41. Ooze, Shoggoth
42. Ooze, Slime Mold
43. Ooze, Slithering Tracker
44. Phase Tiger
45. Phycomid
46. Quickwood
47. Sea Serpent
48. Shambling Mound
49. Shocker Lizard
50. Slime Crawler
51. Thunderbird
52. Vargouille
53. Vegepygmy Chief
54. Vegepygmy Guard
55. Yellow Musk Creeper
56. Yellow Musk Zombie