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Sidequest Decks: 5 Challenge Quests

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“5 Challenge Quests” is an updated name for the “5 Room Dungeon” concept–which often are not set in dungeons & don’t have exactly 5 rooms.

If you haven’t heard either term, each quest is designed to have about 5 encounters: a likely combat scenario, a social encounter, a puzzle or riddle idea, a twist, and a treasure. Most quests focus a bit more on one type and less on others–and your PCs may steer an encounter in a new direction, too!

Like most of our Sidequest Decks, each card is a mini-quest. One side has the main map area, while the other side is an adventure outline with GM background info, story hooks, and encounter ideas.

The mini-adventures are short and flexible, so you can adjust them to fit your PCs, setting, and rules!

Note: The PDF is set up to be printed duplex (two-sided), 4 cards per page.  So the upper right card on the front side of each page matches up to the upper left card on the back side. There is also an extra area (1/8") on the edge of each card called a "bleed". It is intended to be cut away. It allows a card to still look good even if the cut isn't perfect or if the front and back prints aren't perfectly aligned.  A PDF is also included with each side of each card as a 3.75"x2.75" page (3.5"x2.5" plus a 1/8" bleed) so you can lay it out as you wish.