Software & Icon Sets

All the software and icon sets made by Inkwell Ideas.

Worldographer has three cartography modules built-in to one program:

  • World/continent/kingdom map functionality (replaces and improves on Hexographer).
  • City/village/settlement map functionality (replaces and adds features compared to Cityographer).
  • Dungeon/floorplan/battlemat map functionality (replaces and adds to Dungeonographer).

You can get a bundle with three keys for all the functionality, or if you only need one piece of functionality you can buy a key to each separately.

Whether you buy a bundle of all three licenses or just one, you also get a key to the older program (Hexographer, Cityographer, and/or Dungeonographer) as a bonus.

Map Icon Sets here give you over 200 additional map icons each in specific styles and genres.  (Worldographer has several hundred icons built-in already spanning many styles and genres.)

The Coat of Arms Design Studio allows you to create a personal Coat of Arms, an ancestor or historical figure's, or one for a character in a game.