Bundle: Worldographer (Hexographer 2), City/Town/Village & Dungeon/Battlemat Licenses for Worldographer, plus Hexographer 1, Cityographer, and Dungeonographer Pro Versions

  • $79.95
  • Save $29

Make any type of map you may need with this Bundle of Worldographer (Hexographer 2), City/Village & Dungeon/Battlemat Licenses for Worldogrpaher. plus Cityographer, and Dungeonographer!  Includes six license keys:

  • One for the core Worldographer world/kingdom mapping functionality.
  • One for for the new city/town/village mapping in Worldographer. (In Worldographer go to the File menu and select "Check/Update City/Village License" to enter that code)
  • One for the new battlemat mapping in Worldographer. (In Worldographer you will be able to go to the File menu and select "Check/Update Battlemat License" to enter that code.)

Purchasing this includes licenses to our older map-making programs which Worldographer replaces, just in case. Licenses are included for:

  • The older Cityographer software.
  • The older Dungeonographer software.
  • The original Hexographer software.