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DungeonMorphs Cities, Villages, and Ruined Cities Font

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All 90 designs from our Cities, Villages, and Ruined Cities DungeonMorph Dice as several fonts. Each font file features the designs in a different rotation or even rotated and flipped.  (So each design has 8 copies: one not rotated, one rotated 90 degrees, another 180 degrees, another 270 degrees, then one flipped horizontally but not rotates, one flipped and rotated 90 degrees, and so on.)

To install them, unzip the file (you'll be sent a link after checkout) and follow the same steps used to install any font on your system. (Right click and click install, or do a web search for installing fonts on your computer type.)  Thereafter, you should be able to select the font in your word processor and just type out a dungeon!  (You may need to re-open your word processor for it to see a newly installed font.)