Magic Item Card Catalog (5e): Magic Armors & Weapons

Magic Item Card Catalog (5e): Magic Armors & Weapons

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Cards for generic armors & weapons! This is part of a series of magic item cards.  One side of each card has a beautiful, painted style illustration of the item, the other side has the item's game rules for use with the 5th edition of the best-known fantasy RPG.

Hand them out to players as they gain the items for easy reference and/or use them to keep track of which character is holding what. 

The cards are available in several pdf formats: 4 trading cards to a page, as trading cards where each card is its own page (print multiple to a letter/A4 page as desired), as index cards, and form-fillable. See below for details.

This deck's checklist:

01. Arrows
02. Battleaxe
03. Blowgun
04. Breastplate
05. Chain Mail
06. Chain Shirt
07. Club
08. Crossbow Bolts
09. Crossbow, Hand
10. Crossbow, Heavy
11. Crossbow, Light
12. Dagger
13. Dart
14. Flail
15. Glaive
16. Greataxe
17. Greatclub
18. Greatsword
19. Halberd
20. Half Plate
21. Handaxe
22. Hide
23. Javelin
24. Lance
25. Leather Armor
26. Light Hammer
27. Longbow
28. Longsword
29. Mace
30. Maul
31. Morningstar
32. Needles
33. Net
34. Padded Armor
35. Pike
36. Plate
37. Quarterstaff
38. Rapier
39. Ring Mail
40. Scale Mail
41. Scimitar
42. Shield
43. Shortbow
44. Shortsword
45. Sickle
46. Sling
47. Sling Bullets
48. Spear
49. Splint
50. Studded Leather
51. Trident
52. War Pick
53. Warhammer
54. Whip

The product has several PDF files so you can use it the way you want. 

  • There is a PDF (file ends with "-4up") set up with 4 trading card sized cards per page where the second page is the backs of the first page and so on. The cards also have a 1/8" bleed so if your printer isn't perfectly lined up you can still trim them and they will look good.
  • Another PDF has the trading card sized cards (plus the 1/8' bleed) set up where each side of each card is its own page.  You can set these to print out how you want.
  • A third pdf (ending in "-form-opt") is like the previous PDF, but allows you to enter the title, type, and text of a couple cards at the end of the deck.
  • A fourth PDF (file ending with "-index-opt") has all the cards as index-sized card where the left side is the art and the right is the text/game rules. Wiht this format, you don't need to worry about lining up the fronts and backs.  Set your printer to print multiple per page. (Probably 4.)
  • A fifth PDF (file ending in "-index-form-opt") is like the fourth PDF, but allows you to enter data into the last couple of cards.