5e Creature Decks: Nonplayer Characters

5e Creature Decks: Nonplayer Characters

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With the same format and art style as most of Inkwell Ideas' 5e Creature Decks, this deck has all the core nonplayer characters for the 5th edition of the world's best known role-playing game condensed to fit on the back of a trading card with the character's portrait on the front. The deck adds nearly 30 new NPCs such as specialist wizards, warlocks, and many more.

Use them to show players their foe or henchman. You may also randomly create encounters by drawing cards. Grab just the characters you need—more portable than the book!


01. Abjurer*
02. Aboleth Priest*
03. Acolyte
04. Apprentice Mage*
05. Archdruid*
06. Archer*
07. Archmage
08. Assassin
09. Bandit Captain
10. Bandit/Pirate
11. Barbarian
12. Bard*
13. Berserker
14. Blackpaladin*
15. Champion*
16-18. Commoners
19. Conjurer*
20. Cult Fanatic
21. Cultist
22. Diviner*
23. Druid
24. Enchanter*
25. Evoker*
26. Gladiator
27. Guard
28. Half-Red Dragon Veteran
29. Hermit*
30. Illusionist*
31. Knight
32. Mage
33. Marital Artist*
34. Master Bard*
35. Master Rogue*
36. Necromancer*
37-38. Noble
39. Priest
40. Scout
41. Sorcerer*
42. Spy
43. Swashbuckler*
44. Thug
45. Transmuter*
46. Tribal Warrior
47. Veteran
48. War Cleric*
49. Warlock of the Fey Lord*
50. Warlock of the Fiend*
51. Warlock of the Old God*
52. Warlord

* non-SRD creature

The document is a PDF of cards set up to be printed at 2.75"x3.75" and trimmed to 2.5"x3.5". Also included is a second PDF with all the cards on 8.5"x11" pages, 4 cards per page where page 2 is designed to be printed on the back of page 1 and so on.